ASDA D6 Project

Skratch are very proud to introduce our digital 6 sheet (D6) project we carried out in Asda stores across the UK. This project consisted of 300 75” screens encased in bespoke free-standing unit (FSU) housing for a sleek and clean appearance. These FSUs were designed and manufactured in-house at Skratch, we specifically designed these units to protect the screen from accidental damage. One safety measure that we included was a small, subtle bump rail at the base of the unit which was strategically installed at the correct height to ensure customer’s trolleys could not collide with the main body of the FSU.

The project was carried out over a 6 week period and each screen was configured in-house by a dedicated team here at Skratch. The screens were tested and sent to each site as a complete kit along with the FSU built up and ready to be installed, meaning that minimal installation time was required.

The screens we chose for this project used an Android, system on chip based operating system which allows the screens to run Skratch’s CMS seamlessly and display custom made Asda content. For this project, Skratch created a custom and bespoke CMS platform specifically for ASDA. This platform allows for COVID-19 messaging to be displayed easily at each screen location. As these screens are installed in the entrance ways and foyers, this ensures that any important information is displayed to all customers entering the stores. The user-friendly CMS platform allows for brands to take over the advertising space as content can easily be scheduled to individual or groups of displays from a centralised location.

The D6 units run on their own independent 4G network, allowing the Skratch support team to completely monitor and maintain the estate, preventing any loss of content or messaging, ensuring all content and messaging is up to date and correct.

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