ASDA In Run Project

Skratch is happy to introduce you to our exciting Asda In Run digital project. This project involves the introduction of in-bay digital advertisement screens, creating bright, dynamic, and eye-catching displays, adding a new level to traditional static advertising. Our current displays advertise products from well-known brands such as Walkers, McVities, Muller and Mr Kipling.

Our Asda In Run project involves a variety of different screen sizes and types which include; shelf edge screens, 32” headers, blinkers, short blinkers, 37” headers and 86” headers. In total, Skratch installed around 1,200 units in Asda stores throughout the UK. The screens chosen for this project use an Android, system on chip based operating system which allows the screens to run Skratch’s CMS seamlessly and display custom made Asda content, which can be uploaded and scheduled using a bespoke CMS platform created specifically for Asda by Skratch.

All screens were tested and configured by our tech team inhouse, over a 5 week period before being installed on site to ensure they were good to go as soon as they were installed in store. During this process, our Technical Manager oversaw the testing and configuration of all screens and created manuals for each screen type to allow others to assist with the project to ensure that they were set up correctly, in the most efficient manner possible. Any faulty screens would then be brought up to the quarantine bench for further inspection.

Our tech team monitor Asda’s estate remotely from the Skratch office to ensure the screens are all working correctly and displaying the right content. If an issue cannot be fixed remotely, our team contact the relevant store to see whether the screen is plugged in or if there is any damage to screen. If the issue still cannot be resolved, we will arrange an engineer to fix on site.

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