Our Skratch CMS is a higly advanced content management system that can allow you to design, schedule, manage and report for every conceivable display, video wall, LED configuration or kiosk.

The Skratch CMS allows you create layouts for all of your display design ideas, split the screen wherever you want at pixel perfect accuracy and drop in content and built in widgets to show your video, images, text. Powerpoint slides  and more.

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Click the link below to let us know that you want to receive a free Skratch CMS Demo, this will be online and contact free.

Skratch CMS

Skratch’s highly rated CMS system has been specifically designed to enable remote content management with a push of a button. We understand the importance of our clients being able to manage their digital signage whenever they want to, and we have built an innovative system that allows users to have ultimate control but be very user friendly. 

Skratch CMS has a multi-platform player list including Windows, Android and WebOS, our CMS has no boundaries for even the largest portfolio of displays.

Skratch offer both a fully managed service in our self hosted environment or a bespoke tailored solution with a customer own branding and colour schemes.

Total Skratch CMS Players in the UK
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“I’ve worked with several CMS over the past few years and the Skratch CMS is by far the most user friendly and easy to understand. Uploading and scheduling bespoke content across our estate is a really straight forward task with this CMS and rarely results in any issues. Skratch also offer us a great support network, with any tech issues resolved extremely quickly and great advice on content specs or the functionality of the CMS.”
Sam White
Content Manager


Skratch’s CMS is compatible with the following platforms: Windows/ Android/ WebOS / Tizen / Linux

Yes, if the display loses connectivity, the content will still be displayed as it is downloaded locally to the system.

You can utilise many different widgets such as ‘Calendar’, and ‘Countdowns’ etc.

You can run a ‘proof of play’, ‘time connected’, ‘library usage’, and ‘report schedules’ to name a few.

Yes, each account can be tailored for each use required.

Yes, our trained and highly qualified team can provide training required to make the most of our CMS.

Yes, you can have multiple pieces of content playing on one screen at any one time.

Yes, it is possible to live stream both video and audio content through our CMS.

This function is currently only available through a web address, the full feature is under development and will be available shortly.