Scheduling 1
Scheduling a Layout
When you arrive in the "scheduling area" you can choose to show all your current scheduled content - or use the "Add Event" to add your layouts into a new schedule on your screen or screens.
Scheduling 2
In the event pop up, first select your display or dispays.
Scheduling a Layout
Scheduling 3
Now you can choose when to play your content either "Always" or a predefined "Dayparting" time. Or choose start dates and end dates for your layout.
Scheduling a Layout
Scheduling 4
With your screen and times now set - select the layout you created, type in the first few letters of the layout name and the CMS will find your layout for you.
Scheduling a Layout
Scheduling 5
That's it - click "Save"
Scheduling a Layout
Scheduling 6
Your layout will play the new content on the screen you selected the next time it's programmed to collect its new schedules - usually within the hour. You can edit your schedule anytime you like by clicking on the schedule icon,
Scheduling a Layout