Engineering & Innovation

We at Skratch believe that our best aspects is our engineering ability and team, this allows us to deliver innovation throughout the industry. We look at what is going to be next in terms of digital solutions and we focus on how we can bring that to market including Clean Air and Smart Technologies.

Skratch knows that the digital industry is always changing and that the only way to be competitive is innovative new solutions, our engineering skills are market leading and we develop all new technology in house as part of our creative and development team.

Design and Build- Time Sensitive

At Skratch we understand that our clients sometimes need a solution a lot quicker than a standard project. Our latest digital kiosks that were installed into ASDA were designed, built and installed within 30 days of the clients request and they can now provide their customers with information on safety within their store.

Skratch’s in house team designed every aspect of these units and then was able to manufacture the casing exactly to the clients brief. 

Our specialist time sensitive design and build’s are a great example of how we will take any project and make it happen to meet everyone’s requirements.


Smart Technologies

What is Smart Technology? … The word “SMART” refers to “self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology” It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that were in the past considered inanimate.

Skratch therefore uses this to create technology that monitors itself and analyses the best content that performed. This is done via AI technology that is designed by Skratch and implemented to allow businesses to perform best.

Clean Air Technology

Skratch provides solutions to the prevalent problem surrounding outdoor & indoor air pollution affecting people living, working, travelling through or visiting high pollution areas. Multiple localised improvements to air quality make a large-scale cumulative impact.

The most effective methodology for rapid impact is to reduce the air pollution in areas where people congregate, work or traverse through.
Almost any piece of street furniture, wall surface or enclosed space can be clean air technology enabled through a bespoke engineered solution to reduce the impact on health and improve living and working conditions.


Skratch distribute all different types of products including some of the newest technology and we pride ourselves at being able to provide on supply only as well as all the other aspects that we do. Distribution is key to allow anyone to contact us and get the latest technology into the industry.

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