Everlast Gyms - Denton

Skratch has been a long-standing supplier of audio and visual solutions to the Fraser Group, so it’s no surprise they were engaged to provide a bespoke solution for Everlast Gyms new brand experience throughout the UK. Working closely with the design team at Fraser Group, Skratch presented a blueprint from brief, that accomplishes what the brand envisions its consumer experience to be.

From initial outline, it was clear how fundamental it was to achieve a specific audio experience backed up by high impact digital signage and Skratch was honoured to execute the proof-of-concept site at Denton. Following the triumphant launch at Denton, Skratch is proud to be part of the upcoming expansive roll out across the UK.

Skratch has unveiled an intuitive interface which implements localised user control in studios allowing personal trainers and instructors to easily access pre-configured playlists for specific classes or select alternative inputs as desired. The interface seamlessly utilises a combination of Cloud infrastructure, speakers and subwoofers from Focal, a tailored audio system which delivers excellent depth of sound, directional zoning within the open spaces and capacity for high volume output during events.

To match the high standard of audio, Philips displays were an obvious choice to meet the needs for compelling visuals, promoting a combination of the system-on-chip media player and Skratch CMS to accentuate MyZone displays and captivating digitised menu boards for advertising protein products.

With a system design focussed on futureproofing and standardised experience across all sites, use of the Skratch CMS enables digital content distribution to all sites with centralised administration and facility for the digital content to be controlled locally. Future planned additions include a bespoke touch screen control application with lighting interface and expansion of use of the Skratch CMS to deploy audience relevant content across regions and supporting events.

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